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The Process of Seeing a Florida Medical Marhuana Doctor

The use of medical marihuana was passed in the state of Florida. This was a big step for many people that may find themselves faced with debilitating diseases. In many instances, other treatment methods have been tried and are simply not working any longer for these patients. If that is the case, patients now have the option to try to get approved for the use of medical marihuana.


If you find yourself in these situation, there are certain steps that must be taken to get in to see a qualified doctor. First of all, you must have been seeing a physician for your condition for at least three months prior to attempting to see a medical marihuana doctor. When you make your initial appointment with the medical marihuana doctor, you will need to bring your complete medical records with you from your previous physician in regards to the condition you are seeking treatment for. You must ensure that the medical marihuana doctor you are seeing is certified. Certification is done through a class and by taking a test.


Once you have an appointment set, you can expect to spend a good amount of time with the florida medical weed doctor, discussing your condition and overall symptoms. This discussion will be in depth and cover a variety of what you are experiencing. At this time, the doctor will review your past medical history, especially in regards to the condition you are seeking treatment for.


If it is determined that medical marihuana is the avenue of treatment that is best for you, a prescription will be written. From there you will have to locate and visit a local dispensary. Determination to prescribe medical marihuana will only be made if all other forms of treatment for your condition have been tried and deemed unsuccessful.


Following your initial visit, you will be expected to return once a month to meet with the doctor and discuss how everything is working with you. Your symptoms will be discussed in depth. The purpose is to determine if the medical marihuana path is working well for you and your condition.


When used appropriately, medical marijuana can provide relief from pain and other symptoms that many patients may be faced with. Remember, there are clinics all over and Palm City marijuana, West Palm Beach marijuana, and Tallahassee marijuana are all accessible to you. If you see that it is not working like it should be, it is important to communicate that with your doctor in order to make adjustments as necessary.

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